Life Coach & Self Esteem Builder

Your go to when it comes to
happiness and fulfilment

Life Coach & Self Esteem Builder

Your go to when it comes to happiness and fulfilment



What we don’t want, is fleeting moments of happiness that leave us wondering when we might feel that ‘buzz’ again.

While we live the routine of our lives day to day, what we crave and what we need is sustainable happiness. Happiness that we can rely on.

The type of happiness that can only be found deep within ourselves. And it’s my mission to help you to get there.

Hi, I’m Sohaila Sophia

Life Coach, Self-Esteem builder and your go-to when it comes to happiness and fulfilment.

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about ‘happiness’. For me, living happily and making the most out of everyday life is so important. It’s everything. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is to make a fuss out of the small things, life can quickly become mundane and repetitive, yet when we put the effort in to actually focussing on enjoying it, that’s when the magic happens.

While studying Positive Psychology at university, I found myself absorbed by the topic of happiness and fulfilment. I read books, articles, listened to talks, went to seminars, all centred around how to truly live well. I became fascinated by what the differences were between living an ordinary life compared to an extraordinary life.

 While engaging in all of this insightful knowledge, on the inside I was crumbling. I had become so obsessed with what happiness was because I wasn’t feeling happy within myself. I looked up to people who appeared to be living carefree and full lives while I settled for dependable jobs and relationships that didn’t fulfil me. I wanted more but didn’t seem to know how to get there.

 It was one afternoon where out of the blue my sister asked me to go along to a psychic reading with her. While this wasn’t something I had tried before, I was really open and intrigued to know what I would be told. 

Armed with excitement and hope I went into my reading only to feel like I received a slap around the face. Instead of telling me of all of these exciting things that my life would soon entail, I was in fact told quite the opposite. The medium said how she didn’t see anything particularly exciting happening ahead for me. I was told not to expect anything big, as from what she could sense, I would live a pretty average, standard life.

Now to this day, I am not sure if what I was told was just pure rubbish OR if it was a sign that I was  meant to receive because I have never forgotten that moment and it has pushed me to prove that wrong. I knew, I was made for more and that my life was worthy of so much more.

My journey since has been such an exciting one. I left my dependable job and spent time exploring what I actually wanted from my life after years of saying ‘I didn’t know’. I absorbed myself in personal development, training, counselling and coaching. I spent time volunteering, providing emotional support for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, I started and completed my ‘Personal Performance’ coaching qualification, my Neuro Linguistic Programming qualification, I even fitted in a trip travelling around Australia too! 

My mindset has completely changed. I went from believing that I didn’t have much choice over my life to realising I am the only one who is in control of it. My life is what I make it.

Now, I bring my background in psychology, traditional coaching methodology, neuro linguistic programming, trauma informed principles and the utilisation of clean language to help others to prioritise and live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

I am a compassionate coach that specialises with dealing with sensitivities in a supportive and holding manner. My coaching style is down to earth, warm and encouraged to challenge you. You will always leave the session feeling inspired!

Through my ‘Find Your Happy’ coaching programmes, I guide you through a holistic approach to looking at the whole of yourself and your life as a whole and consider what you want from it and how you can live a life that you feel truly proud of and inspired by.

Living a fulfilled life is available to all of us. 

Sohaila Sophia


An advocate for mental wellbeing and passionate about supporting people to believe in themselves and live fulfilling purpose-led lives. Founder of the ‘Find Your Happy’ coaching programme’s - a 10 step approach to living with more fulfilment and deeper sense of happiness and meaning every day.


When you experience the effects of coaching, everything starts to make more sense.  You realise how much power you have available to you.

You gain more awareness and understanding about yourself. Your belief in yourself begins to soar. Those dreams you stifled are brought to light.




I work holistically and compassionately with driven, soul-searching individuals & couples, who believe they were made for more and who are committed to making change for the extraordinary life they want to live.

I believe the best investment you can make in life is the investment that you make into yourself. 

When you invest in yourself you have the ability to change not only your life, but the lives of those around you too.

Bringing my background in coaching, psychology and neuro-linguistic programming to you, I can powerfully support you to up-level your life and create that deeper happiness and fulfilment that you crave. I go all in, and love to work with people who do the same.

By working together, we will take you from where you are now to where you really want to be.

I support people who feel stuck, confused, lost and want to change. People who really want to live rather than exist.

I also, support people who are thriving on paper, but wanting to feel more. To achieve more. If you are committed and willing, you can achieve anything you believe is possible for you.

Most of my work takes place over Zoom, so that we can both be located anywhere in the world and still create huge impact and big change.

Right now, I also offer limited face to face slots in Southsea, Hampshire, England.

I am deeply passionate about supporting people to realise they have the choice to truly live their life.

Life is for living. For learning. For exploring. 



Coaching services


If you have reached this far then I am guessing you want to make changes and improvements to your life. Perhaps you want to upscale it. You probably want to feel happier and more fulfilled.

You’re looking to really live your life, merely existing isn’t enough for you anymore.

Just imagine, what would your life look like if you felt truly fulfilled? What would your relationships be like? What effect would it have on your children? Or on your work or career? How would you feel differently day to day? What could you achieve?

To truly live, you need the confidence to truly listen to yourself and make changes that will have impact. Having the support of a coach can give you that accountability partner you’ve been missing. Think of me as your ‘Life-Friend’, Biggest Supporter and Accountability Partner all rolled into one!

We can work together in the following ways:

1:1 Coaching  Programme

‘Find Your Happy’

6 Month 1:1 Coaching Support - £385 per month for 6 months or £1995 one off payment.

  • Six months of dedicated and personalised 1:1 support, helping you to grow and develop.
  • 12 personalised and targeted 1:1 coaching calls, tailored to you to maximise your development.
  • Exploration of the 10 key themes which ignite happiness & fulfilment.
  • 24/7 on hand support  - a life coach in your back pocket providing you with instant support when you need it most.
  • Full access to a resource bank full of videos, tools and creative worksheets, enabling you to deepen your learning and helping you reach your goals, quicker.
  • A joint Trello board helping you to plan and keep on track and giving you a detailed action plan to implement over time.

Couples Coaching Programme

‘Find Your Happy’

6 Month Couples Coaching Support - £465 per month for 6 months or £2495 one off payment.

  • Six months of dedicated and personalised coaching support, helping you to grow and develop as a couple.
  • 12 personalised and targeted coaching calls, tailored to you as a couple to maximise your development and relationship.
  • Exploration of the 10 key themes which ignite happiness & fulfilment.
  • 27/4 on hand support - a couples life coach in your back pocket helping you to navigate life as a couple and provide you with instant support when you need it most.
  • Full access to my resource bank full of videos, tools and creative worksheets, enabling you to deepen your learning, aid your development as a couple and reach your joint life goals quicker.
  • A joint Trello board helping you to plan and keep on track and giving you a detailed plan to implement over time as a couple.

Coaching Taster Support Package


Three step process where we take a deep look at your life and pin-point areas where you are stuck, lacking fulfilment or are unhappy.

Step 1: Pre-work - Helping you take a broad and detailed look at your life and get really clear on what’s not working for you and where your challenges lie.

Step 2: Deep dive 90 minute coaching session completely tailored to you and your needs with clear take-aways for you to implement.

Step 3: Follow-up and review to check your progress and plan your next steps.

Support 24/7 throughout the process, what more could you achieve with a life coach in your back pocket at all times?

Enables you to put a solid plan in place to move towards what you want, rather than stay rooted and unhappy where you are.


Self-Study Support Package

‘Find Your Happy’


If you’re not quite ready to work with me via any of my packages above, yet are still looking for some support and guidance then the ‘Find Your Happy’ Self-Study Support Package is for you.

You will have access to some of the core tools and resources that are used within the 1:1 Coaching Programme.

Your access enables you to explore the 10 key themes which ignite happiness & fulfilment.

Step by step, you will be introduced to each theme via video and be given tools and techniques to try via worksheets and activities to help you learn about yourself and implement positive change into your life.




“I’ve done more in the last 10 days (since we began working together) to change things, that I have in the last 10 months!”

Jo W

"I trust Sohaila implicitly, which has meant I have felt truly comfortable in opening up and exploring ideas or concerns, which I may have not done with another coach. Sohaila has a beautiful, calm and authentic coaching ability which leaves me feeling relaxed and productive (a very rare and valued combination). The plans I have taken away from my sessions with Sohaila have enabled me to achieve so much. I always leave our sessions empowered and ready to take on the world."


“Our sessions have been life changing. You have given me the confidence in myself to move on in life which has been invaluable. I appreciate that wholeheartedly."

Danielle H

“When I started to look for someone to support me, I was looking for someone to help me find out who I really was, not who I felt everyone else wanted me to be. 

At the time, I had worries and anxieties around how others saw me and I would constantly try to people please and as a result not look after myself at all. I found Sohaila, and I even worried that she might not like me, but as soon as we spoke that worry disappeared - she was so welcoming and so lovely.

Sohaila is fantastic at what she does, she helped me build my self-esteem and helped me understand so much about myself I didn’t even know existed.

For six months I had 1:1 coaching with Sohaila, who also incorporated activities and worksheets. I loved the outcomes to these, they helped me to see a lot in myself which I would not have thought of otherwise, or wasn’t willing to admit to myself. There was such a variety of life put into the sessions and I enjoyed every single one of them. Sohaila really takes the time to be there for you outside of the sessions too, she gives you so much of her own time which is amazing.

Before working with Sohaila I was drained, scared and lost, yet now my mindset is free, strong and capable. My life is so different now - I now can firmly stand on my own two feet without being scared to walk alone. I now know that I am enough.

Sohaila changed my life for the better in so many ways. If I ever need support again in the future the only person I would go to for that support would be Sohaila. If I was to describe her in one word, I would use the word amazing.”

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